Tabula Rasa, Now November

Tabula Rasa, Now November

Richard Garriott and his team of trusty developers at Destination Games are putting a little more polish on his highly anticipated MMO Tabula Rasa. The launch date has moved from Oct 19 to Nov 2, providing DG with a little over three weeks of extra tweak time.

Starr Long, Garriott’s long time colleague from as far back as the Origin days, delivered news of the delay on the official site.

This short but critical amount of time will give us time to address several issues including stability and balance as well as allowing our players to test the continent of Ligo (L38+) and our major changes to crafting for a few weeks rather than a few days.

Are you looking forward to Tabula Rasa? I had a solid play back at E3 2006 (when the event was, well, good) and I came away ambivalent. It was a bit like a third-person PlanetSide, but obviously with a lot more focus on classes, quests and RPG elements than zerging bases.

A Message From Starr Long [Official site, via BluesNews]


  • That’s odd, I recently asked at a local EB Games about the release date (roughly two weeks ago) and I swear the 9th was the date I was quoted. My was a result of seeing if I could get away with playing Hellgate: London before TR’s release (to which the answer is questionably no).

    If the game has a similar flow to that of Guild Wars (character progression to story elements) then I’ll be picking it up.

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