Talks Original PS3 Price ("Right"), Kutaragi (B.F.F.)

medium_giantkazface3avx.jpg Sony Computer Entertainment Kaz Hirai is a man of no regrets. High PS3 pricetag? No problem! PlayStation creator getting the boot? Whatever! Kaz sounds off on that initial price shocker, saying:

I think the original price-point was the right price-point, evidenced by the issues we had at launch when we couldn't supply enough units to consumers in the Japanese market and the North American market, and it was a huge challenge to try and meet that demand because of all the production issues we had. It wasn't a pricing issue, it was a supply issue.

Good thing there are plenty of those PS3s to go around now. And regarding the departure of Kutaragi, Kaz assures that the Father of the PlayStation left to follow other rainbows. According to Kaz:

...I think he's gotten to the point where he wants to try out other ideas beyond the PlayStation business. He told me the other day, 'I'm not getting any younger'... He's our honorary chairman, he swings by the office once in a while — if I ask him for advice, he'll give it to me. He's not engaged every day anymore but if I ask him to be engaged, he will be, and in the meantime he's pursuing his other passions and dreams...he hasn't really shared them with me just yet, but I think he'll share them with the world when he's ready to do so.

Whatever those dreams are, hopefully, they'll be in 4D. Hirai Interview [Spong]


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