Target Lists 40GB PS3s At $US 399

target_40gb_ps3.jpgI'm starting to suspect that Sony Computer Entertainment America has a new PLAYSTATION 3 model coming to the U.S. Rumors telegrammed to our offices indicate that Europe already has such a model, the Federal Communications Commission reports it has allegedly tested such a device, and now Target is listing a 40GB hard disk drive model in its database, photographic evidence provided by Gaming Bits. Target even lists the device as shipping with a copy of Spider-man 3, the shitty movie, on Blu-ray! Conspiracy? Or is Sony actually planning to release such a device?

Target says the mystery machine will be in stock on October 28, but a street date could come days later. Something's up, ladies and gentlemen, but only time will tell if these insane PS3 40GB rumours pan out. I, for one, am very suspicious.

US Playstation 3 40GB Shows Up In Target Store Scan [Gaming Bits]


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