Teach Yourself Portal's End Theme

portal_music.jpgFor anyone who has played through Valve's Portal, recently released in The Orange Box, you'll fondly remember the game's ending theme. For those who haven't, I honestly what your priorities are. Without spoiling anything for those who haven't spent the time, musician Jonathan Coulton's catchy robotic tune that plays alongside the game's credits is one of the better musical collaborations we've heard in a game maybe ever. Coulton recently updated his personal blog with the story behind his involvement in Portal, wrapping it up with a handy lyric sheet and chord chart so you can play the song at home.

Coulton says the piece is possibly coming to Steam and other unnamed locations, so keep your eyes peeled.

Portal: The Skinny [Jonathan Coulton]


    it is dang catchy indeed. The best is that it is played with a latin feel on the radio's.

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