Team ICO Working On "The Last Canyon"? No.

team_ico_ad.jpgA rumour regarding Team ICO's follow up to PlayStation 2 hit Shadow of the Colossus has been circulating the internet today, citing a preview of Fumito Ueda's PplayStation 3 bound The Last Canyon. According to the rumour, the latest issue of Game Informer describes Team ICO's third game as set in "one gigantic, wide flat desert [...]interspersed with canyons [...]and all of different width and depth" featuring a familiar climbing gameplay aspect and a glider made of wood and cloth. If the preview weren't so poorly written and conceptually so close to SotC, it could have sounded genuine. Fortunately, the Kotaku bullshit detector starting whooping like crazy.

The rumour seems to have originated from a PS3Forums posting titled "Game Informer to reveal the Team ICO game?" with a transcribed article, but no scans, photos or links.Fortunately, Andy McNamara of Game Informer poked his head into the NeoGAF thread on the matter, casting even more serious doubt on the preview. According to GI's Editor-In-Chief "This is not in the next issue of Game Informer. The new GI has something new... but its from another much-loved developer."

Too carefully worded? What if it's in the Game Informer issue after that? McNamara tries to bring sanity to the Team ICO next-gen rumour circus. "Trust me...we'll try to get the next Team ico game... love those guys" he wrote in a follow up post, "But I wouldn't slam the door shut on the next issue yet."

Is Team ICO hard at work on a PS3 project? Most definitely. Is it The Last Canyon? Nah. This rumour is a colossal pile of heart-wrenching lies fabricated by a cruel, cruel man. We continue to wait.

Rumour: Are you ready to glide through "The Last Canyon?" [Team ICO Gamers]


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