Tell Microsoft Where They're Going Wrong

tellem.jpgLarry Hryb has posted a heads-up over on his community site. A little notice, saying that if anyone has any suggestions as to what Microsoft can do better, please, suggest them. Of course, he's talking about the company as a whole, but really, we couldn't give a rat's arse about Windows Media Player or the Zune. We give rat's arses about the gaming stuff. For starters, crap that works would be nice: my 360 charge pack died today (it no longer charges, it just literally hisses at me), not six months after buying it, which between a dead wireless headset and a broken 360 means that out of my first-party gear only my steering wheel remains unscathed. And that's only because I haven't used it since this. I don't want to die in a fire.

What would you say to leaders of services at Microsoft? [Microsoft]


    That's how MS makes it money by getting people to buy their product over and over.

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