The Best Beautiful Katamari Display in Akihabara

2007-10-16-203.jpg Posters are boring! If you are going to capture savvy Tokyo shoppers' wallets, you must capture their imagination. What better way than to do that through crazy in-store displays. Later this week, Beautiful Katamari will go on sale in Japan. To whip Akihabara shoppers up into a frenzy, Sofmap has a display case with a katamari made from figurines. Besides the ubitiquitus [email protected] toys, there are figurines of girls wearing sailor uniforms and swimsuits. The sign on the display reads something like:

That's mine...!! A katamari of evil corruption!!

AKA a big ball of nerd heroin! Close up after the jump.2007-10-16-202.jpg Yes, those are pantsu. Beautiful Katamari [Akiba Blog]


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