The BioShock Activation Revoke Tool

BioshockLogo.jpgI suppose it was just a matter of time before this happened, but I must admit I'm rather surprised it happened so soon. Thursday it was announced (and rather quietly I might add) on BioShock's community website, The Cult of Rapture, that a downloadable tool is now available that will revoke one of your activation tokens. What does this mean exactly? Well mainly it means that you will now be able to erase and reload your copy of BioShock onto your PC as many times as you want without using up one of your activation "tokens" provided you don't make any major changes to your current hardware. The tool is downloadable on The Cult of Rapture website which also lists a nice lengthy FAQ that should answer any questions you may have about the tool, its uses and whether you even need it or not. Maybe now we can finally put this whole activation fracas to rest.



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