The Characters of Talisman

sorceress.jpgTalisman is a classic board game from Games Workshop that completely dominated my life for a good year and a half. It's basically an RPG where you are tasked with getting to the centre of the board and obtaining the Crown of Command. Players picked a character with different stats that included classic fantasy archetypes and monsters, and once you added the Expansion Set, Talisman the Adventure, Talisman Dungeon, Talisman Timescape, Talisman City, and Talisman had pretty much spent all the money in the secret college bank account your parents thought you couldn't withdraw from without their signature. Whoops. I just discovered that a 4th edition of the board game was released this month by Games Workshop publishing arm Black Industries, who are also working on the video game version for Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and PC being released by Capcom this winter, and thus was money I don't technically have spent. While I wait for my board game to arrive, enjoy these screenshots showing a small selection of characters available in the video game version.


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