The GameCube Is So Kicking The PS3's Arse

ps3cube.jpgThe PS3's taken its fair share of smacks to the mouth over the past year. Some were well-deserved, others less deserved, but this? This is below the belt. GamePro have dug up some old NPD figures, taken a look at some new NPD figures and drawn up a pretty little graph which shows the PS3 is selling slower than the GameCube. Ouch. Low blow. But is that really fair? The Cube's launch wasn't too bad, as you can see - it was the next 3-4 years that killed it. And it's a bit hard to chart the next 3-4 years of PS3 sales when, you know, they haven't happened yet. Still, it is a pretty graph, and I'm a sucker for pretty graphs, so up it goes. At current rate, PS3 may sell less than GameCube [GamePro]


    Isn't it even worse that that though? The console market over all is massively larger now than it was when the gamecube was released so they're getting a smaller piece of the pie.

    The only upside for Sony is that it's doing this well despite the cost, so they have plenty of room for improvement when that comes down.

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