The Halo-Ween Pumpkin

halo-ween.jpgKotakuite Dennis R. sends in this Halo themed pumpkin with a terribly clever play on words included. It was a father/son project and apparently Dennis is really excited by this particular pumpkin. Says Dennis:

Waking up to this is about as entertaining as waking up to Angliena Jolie in your room, asking you what you would want to have for breakfast, whilst wearing an insy winsy yellow polka dot bikini. Think about it for a second.... now look at the pumpkin.... see where I'm going with this?

Now, I might not be into women or bikinis, but even I would rather be faced with Angelina in the morning than a pumpkin since a pumpkin can't bring you breakfast, but that's just me. Still, cool jack o' lantern and a fine addition to our collection.


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