The Japanese Hardware Chart

ds_lite_bunny.jpgI wish I could lead off this post with good news that Seaman 2 greased the way for a strong week of PlayStation 2 sales, but, unsurprisingly, it wasn't much of a hardware mover. Actually, the PlayStation 2 performed almost exactly as it had the week before, besting only the Xbox 360, sales of which dropped some 50% week-to-week. Wii sales continue to slump as Japanese gamers wait desperately for something new and worthwhile to play.

Sorry, it's really quite a dull week, hardware-wise. So here's a picture of a bunny with a crimson and black Nintendo DS Lite on its head.

  • Nintendo DS Lite - 70,608
  • PSP - 58,669
  • Wii - 24,932
  • PlayStation 3 - 17,130
  • PlayStation 2 - 10,281
  • Xbox 360 - 3,011

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