The MS Customer Service Horror Show

RedRingOfDeath.jpgI've heard of (and had myself) some truly terrible experiences with customer service, but nothing comes close to Speaker Ender's from If you are not familiar with it, is a website that lists the various achievements that can be garnered by playing various Xbox games and they do an excellent job. Not only that, but these are true, dyed in the wool Xbox fans who are giving the system a tonne of free advertisement with their website and have sung Xbox's praises from here to the end of the internet.

Speaker Ender has posted an article on said website detailing his excruciatingly frustrating experiences with MS customer service through 1-800-4MY-XBOX. This poor guy has endured a long laundry list of terrible treatment including losing over $US300 of XBL content, going through three red ringed Xboxes and even being hung up on twice by a Tier 2 MS customer service agent. Take a look at this list that tallies up everything he's been through so far in the last two months...

Number of Xbox 360s that have died on me: 3 dead Xbox 360s

Number of lights that I've encountered: 9 flashing red ones

Number of calls to 1-800-4MY-XBOX since March: 22 calls

Number of callbacks promised: 15

Number of callbacks received: 3

Number of SR's started: 9

Number of SR's closed or replaced due to being set up incorrectly: 5

Number of SR's closed due to issues actually being resolved: 2

Most Number of times I was asked my name and phone number during a single call: 11 times

Number of times I was told "Microsoft will contact you when the investigation is complete": 40+

Number of times that I ended up on the Spanish language hold line: 8

Total spent on Xbox 360 related products: $US3120.78

Amount of XBL content not working properly: 25,600 points ($US319.87)

Total time spent on the phone with 1-800-4MY-XBOX: 1 day, 2 hours, 55 minutes

Total time spent trying various remedies: 1 day, 9 hours, 55 minutes

TOTAL TIME TRYING TO RESOLVE ISSUES WITH MY XBOX 360's: 2 days, 2 hours, 50 minutes

This is just shameful. No one should be treated like this, especially someone who has been a loyal customer and does nothing but promote the product. But, Speaker Ender feels that he just wants justice done, loyal customer or not.

I do not believe Microsoft owes me anything for being a great customer or being excited about their products - I believe Microsoft owes me because I paid for products and content that does not work, and the warranty has not been honoured. If I walked out of a store with a Television that stopped working 2 months later, I would take it back and exchange it, but in the digital world of Digital Rights Management, this is no longer possible.

To read about his experiences in full frustrating detail, you can check out his very long, very enlightening article on

My Experience with 1-800-4MY-XBOX []


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