The Not-So Great Cell Phone Chicken Out

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Mom Makes Me Proud

Congrats to your mom! That's so awesome.

I went to go buy a cell phone this afternoon, but actually backed out. As you remember, right before TGS, my cell phone accidently ended up in the washing machine. So at TGS, I had a rental phone. Heh. Since then, I've been living off pay phones. Finding a pay phone is really hard in Japan! There is usually one per city block. And tracking them down has become a sad, solitary endeavor — which actually has become more and more interesting. Like, as soon as I arrive somewhere, I scout for a pay phone. So, here I am earlier today, standing in the Docomo shop, ready to pick out my new cell phone. And you know what? I left. Didn't get a cell phone. If someone wants to reach me, send me an email or whatever. If I need to call anyone, I'll use a landline. People don't *really* need cell phones, do they?

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