"The Office" Gets Second Lifed

the-office-local-ad-08.jpgAfter having some fun at Call of Duty's expense (in a way that I thought was both funny and not playing off Hollywood stereotypes), NBC's The Office is taking on Second Life later tonight. It looks like Dwight K. Schrute will be exploring the virtual world, hopefully without any encounters with snap-on genitalia. I have high hopes, so this had better be really funny. Or really really funny.

On a semi-related note, I take bad anything bad that I may have once said about Pam. She does deserve Jim and I hope they are very happy together. Click the picture for a mega version.

The Office Takes Out a "Local Ad" [via joystiq]


    Hooray! Call of Duty scenes were some of the funniest in the series.

    "You don't use the sniper in Carentan!"

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