The September NPD Numbers In Pictures

sepnpds.jpgWords? Words are for losers. So are numbers. Pictures are where it's at, and amongst pictures, graphs are King. So when it comes to looking at the month's NPD figures, words are useless. As are numbers. The only way you can really get a handle on all those sales are by charting them, using bright colours then hoisting them up for all the internet to see. That's what Next-Gen have done. So let's look, shall we? Above are the monthly sales of the three current-gen home consoles, with handheld sales and total lifetime home console sales available from the link. What September's Numbers Mean [Next-Gen]


    Wii - Looking strong.
    X360 - Ramping up to Halo3 launch.
    PS3 - Everyone jumping from the sinking ship to board the Wii60 Lifeboat.

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