The Ship Gets 3D Control Support

5dd8b8ae-4418-4061-b45b-07e05a058b39.gif Merscom Games is teaming up with Novint Technologies to start putting 3D touch technology into some of their games. Normally I wouldn't be that interested in this news, what with Merscom churning out such titles as Terrorist Takedown and WW II Tank Commander, but they are also the publisher behind The Ship and, well, that kicked ass.

What this news means is that you'll now be able to use the Novint Falcon controller in The Ship. The controller works like a sort of floating mouse. The device allows players to "feel weight, shape, texture dimension, dynamics and force effects" which is kind of cool, though also sort of unnecessary.CHAPEL HILL, NC and ALBUQUERQUE, NM - October 4, 2007 - Novint Technologies, Inc. (NVNT), the pioneer of 3D touch for consumer computing, has partnered with Merscom, a leading global publisher of computer and video games, to make a variety of titles available for the new Falcon game controller. Merscom will integrate Novint's patented 3D touch technology into titles including The Ship, WWII Tank Commander, Masterpiece Fishing, Buku Dominoes and Jewel Craft.

"We're excited about bringing this incredible new technology to our customers." said Merscom CEO, Kirk Owen. "The Novint Falcon is a great new interface that adds a whole new layer to the player experience."

Novint CEO, Tom Anderson, said, "The Ship and Merscom's other titles are great games that are fun to play. Adding our 3D touch technology will let people experience their favourite Merscom games in an entirely new way."

The Novint Falcon controller takes gaming to a new level, making virtual game objects, environments and actions feel real. Players feel weight, shape, texture dimension, dynamics and force effects using the award winning high-fidelity controller. The Merscom titles will be available to download through the N VeNTâ„¢ player, Novint's interface to Falcon games, information, software updates, unique content, and community.


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