The Shredmaster Jr

shredderjr.jpg D'awwwwwww. Ain't that just the cutest thing you ever did see? From our dreamGear via our sister site Gizmodo, comes the Shredmaster JR Micro Plug N Play Guitar perfectly sized for the wee wailers in your life. The Shredmaster JR is a plug and play Guitar Hero like game that comes pre-loaded with ten songs including Smoke on the Water, I Love Rock and Roll, Iron Man, You Give Love a Bad Name, Billion Dollar Babies, Hotel California, Paradise City, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Paranoid, and Master of Puppets.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any images of what the game interface looks like so your own your own on that one. But if your tiny rocker wants to shred and you just can't bear to let them touch your precious GH controllers with their peanut butter and jelly fingers, this might be the product you've been looking for.

Shredmaster JR Micro Plug N Play Guitar [dreamGEAR]


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