The Simpsons Game Launch Party

hazel_simpsons.jpgIt may not feature fabulously/obscenely chesty model Keeley Hazel, as the London launch event did, but tomorrow night, southern Californians will be treated to a kick-off party for EA's The Simpsons Game at Universal CityWalk and Hard Rock Café. No, Ms. Hazel's gargantuan rack won't be in attendance, but The Simpsons creator Matt Groening's respectable man-teats will be. He'll also be joined by unnamed writers from the television show and mysterious Fox celebrities.

The whole thing kicks off tomorrow night at 8 PM, with a "surprise unveiling" at 9:15 (again, no Keeley). The usual snacks, drinks, giveaways and general fun will be dished out by the folks from EA and Fox, so make sure you show up on time. To pass the time between now and tomorrow night's early access to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game, we certainly don't suggest at-work Google Image Searches for the above Briton. It's not worth throwing your career away for.


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