The Skinny On The Euro Halo 3 Bundle

halo3bundlespain.jpgAfter we ran the story on the European Halo 3 bundle yesterday, some folks went away confused. Not really sure what it all meant. So let's be clear on some facts, which our legions of European readers were nice enough to fill us in on. Firstly, this bundle is an official Microsoft Europe deal. Secondly, it's available across much of Europe, including Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria, the Netherlands and... South Africa. Maybe even more countries, we're not quite sure as Microsoft Europe won't get back to us, but at least those. Finally, they've been on sale in those countries since Halo 3's launch, so anyone hoping for a British release shouldn't hope too hard, lest they over-hope and end up hurting themselves (as for Australia, definitely no, MS telling us "We have no plans for a Halo 3 bundle in Australia or New Zealand"). We all clear on that? Excellent!

UPDATE - New Halo 3/Xbox 360 Bundle Hits Europe?


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