The Story Behind Everyday Shooter

EDS.jpgEvery game has a story. Not just it's own story, the story behind the game. How it was made. Trials, tribulations, agony, ecstacy, that kind of thing. The PlayStation Blog has a post up by Sony game-hunter Rusty "Best Name In Gaming" Buchert, detailing just how it was he came across Everyday Shooter, why it blew his socks two days into the future and back again and why you'll all be able to play it VERY SOON for $10.

Who thought a downloadable game would hijack a lot of press. It's nice to know that people do want to know about indie games from the hardcore to casual player. This is where we're going to find the future of the game industry.

Good reading!

From IGF to PS3: Everyday Shooter's Backstory [PlayStation.Blog]


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