The Voice of Haruhi

haruhisvoice.jpg Back when I worked in the movie business and hung out with movie stars, I met a voice actor at some random party. He did a ton of cartoon and commercial work, and he actually was doing very well financially. Originally, he intended to be an actor, but he didn't have the look. He didn't even have the weird guy character actor look. He was rather bland. But his voice? Golden.

Because of that experience, my mental image of voice actors is: Balding dudes in Dockers and boat shoes. Well! In Japan, that is the furtherest thing from the truth. Just take a gander at 99.9 percent of voice actresses! Above, that's Aya Hirano, pop singer and the the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya from monster hit anime The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Here she is promoting the upcoming Haruhi PS2 game and just being. Sadly, she's not really into games, which means she loses nerd cred points. Lots of them, dammit. Oh well. More Pics, Game Screens, Too [IT Media]


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