The Wii Inspires Students To Care Where They Live

Wii-Forecast-Channel-Globe-View.jpgDavid Brantley is a teacher at Cumberland Elementary. An otherwise normal guy, Brentley is the first school teacher in his district (and many others we suspect) to realise that the Wii's forecast and news globe could be a great learning tool in the classroom, engaging students more than traditional maps. As Brantley puts it:

We do everything that's traditionally done... But as soon as we've done a little bit and they know it, we can turn around and make it a game and have fun.

The investment for a Wii is just $250, which even under tight school budgets, is probably not much less attainable than a new standard globe. And speaking from personal experience, even though I know my geography as well as the next guy, the Wii's news mapping puts stories in a context I otherwise don't fully process. Now if it were only efficient enough to use in blogging...

Game system lowers learning curve at Cumberland [journal&courier] [image]


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