The Zelda Vodka Luge (And Um... Mario Wedding Cake)

mario_wedding_cake.jpgWe're well aware of the fact that some of our readers are so humourless, so singularly focused on complaining between bouts of waiting to die, that the posting of kitschy video game cakes makes their blood boil. But, when someone delivers frosted awesome into our tips inbox, giving us a view into their wedding day baked goods, we're just pleased as punch. Take, for example, newlywed Cory of Blizzard Entertainment who had this gorgeous cake designed to commemorate the last day of his bachelorhood featuring a three-tiered Super Mario Bros. stack of deliciousness.

Not quite sure why the underwater level is hovering over world 1-1... but who are we to nitpick something this tasty and gorgeous?

While cake may genuinely be my favourite thing to ingest, alcohol may come a close second. That's why I was doubly impressed to see the wedding's ice luge.zelda_ice_luge.jpg

Yes, that's the Master Sword and Master Shield from The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time delivering ice cold vodka to wedding invitees. Could anything be more perfect?

Those in the SoCal area who are interested in achieving this level of nerd-cool at their next social gathering will be happy to know that Cory plugged the creators of both. Professional cake maker Erica Obrien was responsible for the Mario creation, with Union Ice doing their best to get everyone drunk at freezing temperatures.

Thanks a bunch, Cory!


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