There's A Viva Piñata Party In Your BK Kids Meal

viva_pinata_bktoys.jpgFans of Viva Piñata, charbroiled beef and/or mechanically separated, reshaped chicken meat will want to hoof it on down to their local Burger King and secure themselves a BK Kids Meal. The fast food chain is giving kids their required daily amount of plastic with an octet of brightly coloured toys molded in the form of the cast of Viva Piñata Party Animals, one free with each kid targeted combo.

The best part is that each piñata comes packed with a surprise inside, one that doesn't require you to smash the thing to bits to recover. Surprises inside include dreidels, kazoos, yo-yos and puzzles. Head on over to the Burger King site or troll the Rare forums to learn more.

Burger King! It's a wonderful restaurant!

Viva Piñata [Burger King - thanks, Jim!]


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