ThinkGeek's 8-Bit Tie Goes Gold

8bit_tie_shipping.jpgThe kids at ThinkGeek have made good on their promise to create the April Fool's Day joke turned real product, the 8-bit tie. The tie is now in stock at ThinkGeek's online store for the low price of $US 19.99. The handmade polyester will make you the envy of your dorky friends and the shame of whatever family function for which you're forced to dress formally. For extra nerd cred... it's a clip-on!

Halloween is just around the corner, with Christmas and Hannukah closing in. Perfect for the tie-wearing rebellious nerd in your life.

The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie [ThinkGeek - thanks, xenovis!]


    Yeah... but US$30 postage to Australia? OUCH! Anywhere you can get it locally?

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