Thompson: Kotaku Superfluous

judge-huck.jpgActually Jack "Texas T" Thompson didn't really call the site superflous, rather he was referring to his latest suit against us. Wait, suit against us? I must have lost track of one of them, I didn't realise any were still standing.

According to Game Politics the "Kotaku case" against the state of Florida was dropped after Thompson withdrew the case just days after the presiding judge set a date for oral arguments.

Instead Thompson appears to be putting all of his nuts eggs in one basket, the gay porn case basket, named that because Thompson's most recent submission for the case featured graphic pictures of men having sex.

Says Thompson about the Kotaku and gay porn cases:

The Huck case is superfluous, as the other case is the one that has the relief I want and need.

I'll leave writing the kicker to this fun little story to you, the reader.

Jack Thompson Quietly Bows Out of Other Bar Lawsuit [Game Politics]


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