Tomorrow: Atomic Live 07

atomic.gifThat’s right folks, Atomic is holding the second of its quasi-yearly tech and gaming events at Olympic Park this Saturday. Specifically the Badgery Pavilion.

What can you expect at Live? Hardware vendors such as Gigabyte, ASUS, AMD and more will be showing their wares, along with Ubisoft, who will have PCs equipped with GRAW 2 out in force.

Live is also host to ASUS World GameMaster Tournament (hope I got that right, the name is in the habit of changing), and you’ll get to meet science fiend Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (also hard to spell) and the guys from the ABC’s Good Game (not so hard to spell).

There is, of course, loads more going on at this tricksy event, so head on over to the Atomic website for more info.

Atomic Live 2007 [Official site]


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