Tonight We Die

vomitpump.jpg Tonight Team Kotaku will be taking on Team Gizmodo in a little Halo 3 bloodbath. I say bloodbath because while the Giz folks have been training like Spartan warriors, getting online every night to play as a codified team, I've had trouble getting our team to stay awake long enough to sign in to Live.

Tonight's match-up, which I will be streaming live on Justin.TV, will be a bit more like frat boys rolling a bunch of drunks then an actual fight, with shots being fired from both sides.

Our team will consist of myself, Fahey, Mark and Luke, while Team Giz will be Brian, Jason, Matt and Travis. Feel free to debate here which of our team:

A: Chokes on his own vomit B: Wets himself C: Gets an actual kill


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