Toshiba Kind Of Denies HD-DVD 360

Toshiba Kind Of Denies HD-DVD 360

xbox_hddvd_toshiba.jpgWhen Australian news outlet Smarthouse wrote of a new Xbox 360 model, one that comes with an HD-DVD player built in from Toshiba, many of you responded positively. Some couldn’t see the point. How does Toshiba feel about the rumor? It’s denying it. Kind of. In a roundabout way. Maybe. According to gadget and breast enthusiast mag Stuff—the UK edition—a Toshiba spokesperson says “It’s got nothing to do with us. But we know Microsoft doesn’t want to include the HD DVD drive so as not to limit the user’s experience.” At least that’s what the Yahoo! News UK edition says the spokesperson said.

The official Stuff site’s version of the story, one that looks to have been properly copy edited, quotes the Toshiba rep differently. In this version of the half-denial, the PR mouth spewed “Toshiba has no comment to make on this matter. The Xbox 360 is not a Toshiba product.”

Indeed. Hardly reads like a solid denial either way, does it? It’s just a volleying of the rumour back to Microsoft’s side of the court who most likely won’t confirm such a product’s existence until it’s been on store shelves for at least a day or two.

What’s that thing about Microsoft rumours again?

Toshiba says no to new Xbox 360 HD DVD rumour [Stuff]


  • Is nobody at Microsoft old skool enough to remember the CD to DVD transition? Let alone Floppy to CD? Multiple DVDs alongside Single HD-DVD versions of the games. Simple.

    Give us the damned HD-DVD version already and stop squashing potentially huge games down to DVD size. THAT is truely limiting our experience.

    As long as you announce it well in advance and keep the price below $AU1000 we won’t hate you like we do Sony. Promise.

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