Turok The Demo Hunter

demosauras.jpgThis November, Xbox 360 owners will be waist deep in games to play. But when picking up your copy of Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed or Scene It? Movie Edition at your local Gamestop, don't forget to bring an extra Lincoln with you. If you drop a fiver on a pre-order for the reimagined Turok, you'll walk out with a demo of the game and a Turok t-shirt that will either be too big, too tight or too hideous for public display. IGN says that those unwilling to set foot in a Gamestop can always cool their jets until December, when Best Buy will get its own copies of the Turok demo.

I was quite taken with the game at E3, despite soaking in first-person shooters for half the week. Luke found it quite grassy. You'll obviously have your own opinion and determine if its worth spending sixty bucks on come February.

Turok Blowout [IGN]


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