UK Firm Reckons PC Games Can Run On PS3

pc2ps3.jpgBritish company StreamMyGame have an idea. That idea is to turn PC games into an IP "game stream", which they claim:

...enables users to post hypertext links to their games on the site, which can then be played remotely by other visitors to site who click on the links.

Well hello there, world of tomorrow. Right now the plan's in its infancy, and they're only working with PC games running remotely through XP or Vista. But by the end of the year they say a Linux version of their tech will be available. If you need us to spell it out, that means, hypothetically, anyone with Linux installed on their PS3 could stream a PC game and play it via their PS3's USB keyboard and mouse.

Admittedly the science behind this is a little much for our console-addled brains, but there's a full explanation of the tech here if you're up for it. We're sure the technology, as it exists right now, might not be up to the job. We also suspect there'll be a legal obstacle or three standing in their way once game publishers find out. But hey, the concept itself, it's a nifty one.

Games shared from PC to PS3 over the Web? [iTWire]


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