UMDs Designed to "Self-Destruct"

Wii-mote straps had a problem. This I knew. And Xbox 360 have hardware issues. This also I knew. But UMD cases falling apart? That would involve prolonged PSP use. Not an issue! Above, Dave's hands from web vender Multimedia Recovery claim to have repaired 70,000 busted UMDs and shows the horrors of "flimsy" UMD cases. So flimsy that it looks "deliberate" as the disks are "designed to self-destruct", while the cases are made out of "junk".


Each improved case, designed to keep the UMD from self-destructing, costs $US 3.99 with free domestic shipping and comes in different five different colours like green — which Dave claims is blue. Go figure. UMD Problem Solved [Multimedia Recovery via PSP Fanboy]


    That's happened to my Lumines case. I just haven't been bothered to get it fixed as the only times I've touched my PSP recently have been to play Monster Hunter Freedom, or the Full Voice edition of Tales of Phantasia which I borrowed from a friend.

    I'm not surprised about the self-destruct mechanism though. A lot of products are designed to fail after a period of time so the consumer is forced to buy a new one. Companies don't continue to make money if a consumer only has to be a product once forever.

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