Universe at War Delayed, Wallets Celebrate

Universe at War Delayed, Wallets Celebrate

The PC version of PC versus Xbox 360 real-time strategy game, and love of my life, Universe at War won’t be hitting their Nov. 2 launch date after all, instead landing in the post-holiday dead zone of January.

Sega doesn’t really explain the delay, telling Computer and Video Games that it will allow the PC version and 360 versions of the game to launch closer together. I suspect Sega made the wise choice of pulling out of the holiday bedlam that will see too many games to buy or play hitting stores at the same time, and have instead decided to release the game when it will get more face time.

I saw it’s a wise decision because, as with all rock solid games, Universe at War can stand on its own merits and doesn’t need a Thanksgiving-to-Christmas buying binge to jump start its sales. I know it’s almost blasphemy to say, but let’s hope that more triple-A titles follow suit and that next year maybe publishers won’t feel the need to release all of their top tier titles in the same three months.

Universe at War delayed till 2008 [Computer and Video Games]

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