Unreal Engine 4 in Development

BHA-2.jpgWho would have thought that, after making three successful Unreal engines, Epic would make another? During a recent visit to Epic's offices, several noticed a pile of Beautiful Mindesque scribbles on programmer Tim Sweeney's desk. And that crazy scribble, my friends, was confirmed to be the early strings of code for Unreal Engine 4. Those little pencil markings will become headshots, chainsawed bodies and probably even ponies and crap.

Then again, it's not like these companies are conjuring engines out of thin air. If you want a first look at Unreal Engine 4, just take a glance at Unreal 3... and apparently a trip past Tom Sweeney's desk won't hurt, either. Because until we have Barbie's next adventure with real solid plastic boob physics, that much will have to do.

Unreal Engine 4 in Development [via destructoid]


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