Unreal Tournament 3 Aussie Boxshot

UT3ceanz.jpgI posted a story yesterday confirming the contents of the Collector's Edition of UT3, and promised to shake a boxshot out of distributor Red Ant. They weren't able to deliver on Thursday, but they've more than made up for it by sending it through today. So, I present to you: The ANZ boxshot for UE3.

Okay, it's not knee-tremblingly exciting, but at least you'll know what to keep an eye out for. (As if you could miss it!)


    I call shenanigans. This isn't Australian boxart, it doesn't have a giant horrible jarring ugly OFLC rating plastered on it.

    Anyone Reckon this Game will be M15+ or MA15+ like all the others? Won't make a difference to me, I'm just curious

    The "Australia/NZ" boxshot has British classification markings on it?

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