Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Drops Today

ut3betalive.jpgRemember three days ago when Mark Rein said the Unreal Tournament 3 Beta would be out within two weeks? Sucker pulled a Scotty on us apparently, as it is only a mere three days later and we've received word that it's being released today. Right now over at FilePlanet, subscribers can preload the beta on their system to have it ready once everything goes live. I'm downloading it as I type this...like I need another shooter to take up my time between practicing Halo 3 and enjoying Team Fortress 2. I've never been a big shooter fan in the first place, but lately I've developed a blood lust that has me shouting obscenities and calling everyone bitches... bitches.

Download the Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo on FilePlanet [FilePlanet, Duh]


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