UPDATE - New Halo 3/Xbox 360 Bundle Hits Europe?

halo3bundledeal.jpgForza 2 and Marvel UA? Thanks, but no. It's Halo 3 that's hot right now, and for Europeans who want bundled games with their 360, it's Halo 3 they're going to get. Above you can see what looks like MS Europe's official Halo 3 bundle, which includes a regular 360 (with HDMI), 20GB HDD, Play & Charge kit, wireless controller and a copy of Halo 3, all for €387.95 (or €409.96 on GAME's website). The pic and link are from Portugal, and we're not sure whether this is a GAME exclusive or not, but looking at the languages (English, French, Spanish & Italian?) and ratings (Britain's BBFC and Germany's USK) on the box this thing's definitely destined for more than just Portugal. Flying monkeys have been dispatched to Microsoft Europe HQ in search of confirmation. We'll let you know when thy get back. Xbox 360 Pro + Halo 3 [GAME Portugal, thanks wfrantic!]

UPDATE - Reader Fernando was kind enough to point us towards Spanish gaming forum elotrolado.net, where there's plenty of pics of the bundle as well as confirmation it's legit.


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