UPDATE: Australian? No Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed For You

According to local PR, Ubisoft attempted to get retailers on board for the Limited Edition, which as we know comes with the Altair figurine. Sadly, there were concerns over the size of the package. Apparently “the AC package is taller and chunkier than other limited editions you might have seen (yes, even the Bioshock one)”.

Ubisoft pointed out that there is a Limited Edition box available, just sans the figurine:

So while we won’t have the more expensive limited edition version on shelves here, Australian gamers will still have the preorder kit available from games specialist stores at no extra charge (featuring the bonus DVD, comic book and collector’s tin).

The publisher also mentions that if a retailer did take you down for a preorder for the Limited Edition, they shouldn’t have, seeing as they won’t actually be stocking it.


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