UPDATE: Australian? No Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed For You

According to local PR, Ubisoft attempted to get retailers on board for the Limited Edition, which as we know comes with the Altair figurine. Sadly, there were concerns over the size of the package. Apparently “the AC package is taller and chunkier than other limited editions you might have seen (yes, even the Bioshock one)”.

Ubisoft pointed out that there is a Limited Edition box available, just sans the figurine:

So while we won’t have the more expensive limited edition version on shelves here, Australian gamers will still have the preorder kit available from games specialist stores at no extra charge (featuring the bonus DVD, comic book and collector’s tin).

The publisher also mentions that if a retailer did take you down for a preorder for the Limited Edition, they shouldn’t have, seeing as they won’t actually be stocking it.


  • Considering the Halo 3 legendary box was big enough to fit the xbox inside, and the wonderful WoW limited box sets that fit art books and everything else inside, the idea that the box for this being too big is a lame excuse.

    So will the US version work here?

  • WTF? This is ridiculous! How the hell can you claim that ‘It’s too big’ when Halo 3 LE was huge??? I mean jeez – what about Guitar Hero, huh? Or any of those freakin’ dance games with the bloody mats? UbiSoft – I’m importing this you bastards. It better be region free.

  • Wait, is this just Australia? Or is it all of the PAL retailers? Because this bullshit sounds like the sort of thing that UK retailers might whine about where Australian ones probably wouldn’t. Wouldn’t be the first time that European retailers having a tantrum fucked up something for Australia either. 🙁


    I seem to recall that Europe is getting the pre-order kit AND the figurine edition, so I reckon its just Australia and New Zealand thats getting screwed.

    This is really stupid…

    The excuse provided sounds so lame its not funny. I mean there are so many different things the retailers could have done to avoid this supposed ‘package irregularity’ – ie: ordered only enough figurine edition to satisfy pre-orders (that way they wouldnt even have to put it on the shelves) or have a big display at the counter saying ‘figurine edition also available’

    For what its worth, I talked to a Games store manager here in Canberra, who rang his area manager to confirm we were not getting the figurine, and the area manager did confirm it.

  • It’s not SPECIALIST RETAILERS fault here… We all love our collector’s editions here… I’ve got a bookcase full of them, my Big Daddy and Master Chief helmet needed Altair to bring them into line dammit!

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