UT3 Beta Coming Within 2 Weeks

ut3-logo.jpgGood news, PC users. The UT3 beta is coming out within two weeks according to Mark Rein. Wait, why did we say "within" instead of just "in?" Because it could be even sooner.

The development team feels they're pretty close to being ready to release this so it could come out this week but for safety sake I'd say it should be out within two weeks.

We hate playing it safe! So we're calling it. One week and six days. You heard it here first. Don't be a sucker who reads other gaming news sites and is like, "Two weeks? I'll write that on my calendar and will not read another thing about UT3 until then". Be the sucker who writes, "One week and six days? I'll write that on my calendar and move back into my hole until then with a bottle of Jack". See what we're getting at here? UT3 beta demo coming soon [via opposablethumbs]


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