Uwe Boll Declares Mario Isn't Big Screen Material

UweBoll9.jpgWe're tough on filmmaker Uwe Boll, mostly because his movies are really, really bad. But he's not a dumb guy: he's been very successful in getting money from a lot of very successful people. So every once in a while, he actually says something worth a quote.

MTV: What would you do to if you remade the "Super Mario Bros." movie?

Boll: Nooooo. "Super Mario Brothers"? No, I would never do this.

MTV: But what would you do to make it better?

Boll: Nothing! I don't think you can make it good, "Super Mario Brothers."

Hmmm. Uwe Boll is certainly an unlikely ally in my personal war against another Mario movie that's never necessarily coming, but it's early for our organisation and we'll take all the members we can get.

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