Valve Wanted $1 Mil Advance For Half-Life 2 For Mac

1_million_dollars.jpgWhy doesn't Valve care about Mac gaming? Gabe Newell says "there's never any follow through on any of the things [Apple says]they're going to do." Inside Mac Gaming has a slightly different interpretation on that, claiming that Valve's terms for bringing Half-Life 2 to the Mac OS involved a $1 million advance payment from whomever was handling the port, a big buy-in for a game that would sell exclusively to the Mac gamer demographic.

Hahaha! "Mac gamer demographic". Anyway...According to the main man at IMG, Tuncer Deniz, his info comes straight from the folks at Apple, following an e-mail trail that involved Newell and Mr. Steve Jobs himself. It doesn't seem like an unreasonable request to me. Just charged Mac users a thousand bucks for the game and you'll recoup your costs in no time. We're quite used to overpaying for all things Apple.

Thanks for the heads up, Kaji.

One Million Reasons Why Half-Life 2 Isn't on the Mac [Inside Mac Gaming via Apple Insider]


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