Vampire Bloodlines Gets New Unofficial Patch

bloodlines.jpgIf you're as utterly crazy about Troika as I am, chances are you still fire up the developer's awesome, if buggy, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines for a bit of blood-sucking RPG action.

Thankfully, we're not alone, and we don't have to put up with anywhere near as much bugginess as we did in 2004. In fact, there's a bunch of hardcore players who have continued to pump out unofficial patches long after Troika sunk into the sea and Activision silently erased it from their list of supported games.

The latest in this series of unofficial patches is v5.04TA, and you can download it from GameSpot (requires registration).

Full patch release notes after the jump.

The True VTMB Patch version 5.04AT

————————————— Overview: —————————————

This is a repair patch for "Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines," a wonderful RPG created by the Troika studio and released in 2004 by ActiVision. This patch is intended to do nothing but fix bugs that were still present within the game, following its release. This patch will not change any other aspects of the original VTMB, other than to restore any broken (but intended by Troika) content that the official patch from ActiVision failed to repair.

It is the author's intention to change absolutely nothing about the way VTMB plays, aside from repairing and restoring broken parts of the game's code. To the best of our knowledge, nothing else has been altered from the way that Troika had originally intended for the game to be experienced.In short: if you would prefer to play an unbroken version of the original game, then this patch is definitely for you.

It is recommended that you not install this version on top of any other "unofficial patches" or mods. Also, this version of the True VTMB Patch does not support any previous versions of our patch prior to version 4.04AT. This is a self-contained, stand-alone patch and it must be installed into a fresh copy of VTMB. This is critical..!!! You can not just drop version 5.04AT into a pre-existing installation of VTMB and expect it to function properly. New users of the True Patch absolutely MUST completely remove and then re-install VTMB, from its original installation CD's. This point can not be stressed enough, so please be sure that you fully understand this issue, before proceeding any further.

———————————- INSTALLATION: ———————————-

FOR VERSION 5.04AT, YOU MUST BEGIN WITH A TOTALLY NEW AND FRESH INSTALLATION OF VTMB. Any previous installations MUST be completely un-installed AND totally deleted from your hard drive, BEFORE you can install version 5.04AT of this patch. THE ONLY EXCEPTIONS ARE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN USING VERSION 4.04AT OF THE TRUE VTMB PATCH. If you have already been using version 4.04AT and if it has been properly configured, then you do not need to uninstall anything. Version 5.04AT is fully compatible with version 4.04AT and it can be installed directly on top of your existing 4.04AT installation.

For new users of the True Patch...

Once you have a fresh, new copy of VTMB installed, you MUST install the official v. 1.2 patch from ActiVision. This patch can be found in several places on the web, including from ActiVisions own official site:


In general: if you try to install the official patch, and it tells you that it is already installed, then you most likely do not need it. Just proceed to the next section.

Simply unpack this archive to a neutral, temporary folder on your hard drive. Then, copy the entire "Vampire" directory within this archive into your main VTMB folder. Next, when prompted and asked if you wish to overwrite any files, select "YES to ALL" and the patch will thus be installed.


It is always wise to create a backup copy of the "plain vanilla" version of VTMB, before patching or modifying it in any way. Once installed, this patch can not be removed without re-installing the entire game, or overwriting it with a backed-up copy of the game's files. The author(s) assume no responsibility nor liability for any failure to follow good backup and installation procedures on your part. Please read and understand fully all instructions and warnings before proceeding with this patch. This archive has been fully tested and all of its files are known to be in good working order. It is offered free-of-charge and as-is.

———————————— NOTES: ————————————

cHARACTER CREATION: Player histories are disabled by default. To "permanently" turn them on, edit the autoexec.cfg file (open with Notepad)in Vamire\CFG and add the following line:

vchar_edit_histories "1"

Some effects in player histories have been modified to avoid known buggy behavior. Added short and penalty descriptions to all histories in use.

SANTA MONICA: * Restored some missing lines from Heather's opening dialogue, including Malkavian lines where appropriate * Restored dialogue and missing xp for finding Bertrum Tung * Fixed an inconsistency in Jeanette's dialogue that caused the Jeanette boink relay to fire when it shouldn't * Changed some conditions in Therese's dialogue to make sure the Spritual Release quest properly updates when the pendant is given to Jeanette * Fixed some typos in Therese's dialogue * Fixed some typos in Knox's dialogue * Fixed some typos in Tourette's dialogue * Fixed conditions in Tourette's dialouge - note that is makes it "harder" reconcile Therese and Jeanette * Fixed a starting condition in E's dialogue that checked to see if the player is Nosferatu * Restored missing xp for entering the gallery without killing Chunk and added an appropriate quest state * Restored Jeanette's e-mail and associated dialogue option * Changed Malcolm's dialogue so that players no longer say they want a "few hundred bucks" and then only ask for 75 * Made sure Knox will no longer appear in the Santa Monica hub if the player has killed him. * Restored correct sound scheme for Carson's laptop and the Keui-Jin's * Added some conditions to clean up sloppy code in Santa Monica scripts * Added some spoken lines to Mercurio's subtitles * Fixed some subtitles in Arthur's dialogue * Repaired an interesting place conversation node inside the Asylum. * Fixed bail bond entry in Kalptrick's computer for Rolf. Should display his license plate correctly now.

DOWNTOWN: * Fixed Regent dialogue so Tremere players who have met all requirements won't miss out on their haven (not tested) * Made sewer map available to Nosferatu only. * Restored use of social and psychic abilites to deal with Milligan for Pisha. * Fixed a bug with Kanker not properly updating quest status on death under certain circumstances. * Fixed Mudd Hunt quest so players can't get stuck by doing things out of order. * Made abandoned building always show the murder scene when it should. * Restored parking garage briefcase exchange sequence. * Corrected a conditional error in Venus' dialogue that could result in getting her quests twice * Fixed some typos in Damsel's dialogue * Fixed some tyops in the blood doll's dialogue * Made subtitles match the voice over for the bum in the abandoned building * Removed some duplicate lines from Venus' dialogue * sharks will no longer try to hate Jets that don't exist, and vice versa * Corrected a condition resulting in duplicate lines in LaCroix's endgame dialogue * Fixed some conditions in LaCroix's dialogue regarding Masquerade violations. * Removed a duplicate line from the abandoned building bum's dialogue and ensured that he leaves when he's supposed to.

HOLLYWOOD: * Fixed some sloppy code in Vesuvius scripts * Corrected some conditional errors in VV's dialogue * Made Imalia's newspaper and inspection node only appear when they should * Fixed a starting condition that could lead to inconsistency in Imalia's dialogue. * Hid Bertrum's CD from non Nosferatu * Fixed dates in Warrens ledgers * Added some conditions to Isaac's dialogue so you don't tell him about the Gargoyle every time you speak to him.

CHINATOWN * Hid Yukie until after you meet Ming Xiao * Removed some unspoken lines from Ming Xiao's subtitles * Restored some Ji Wen Ja/Lu Fang reconciliation lines and added appropriate quest states * Added some conditions to Tseng dialogue to prevent some options from showing up before they should

GIOVANI * Restored sound to Mira's dialogue, lines 81, 221, 231, 241, 251, 261, 271, 281, 291, 301, 311 * Nadia's "They're after us" line no longer plays when Nadia isn't present. NOTE: It no longer plays at all, now. Will try to make it play only when she's present in the future.

SOCIETY OF LEOPOLD * Gave roof guards sniper and assault rifles instead of shotguns and uzis * Corrected a python script check on the escape route * Fixed some subtitles for Johansen

HOLLOWBROOK * Prevented Lasombra_dead_relay from triggering too soon. * Made flamethrower a tad easier to find * Prevented Heather from showing up if she's already dead.

GENERAL: * Cleared the theatre after the player's opening movie trial * Restored some missing sounds, including missing feeding sounds for female characters. * Made VV's e-mails appear at the correct times. * Made LaCroix's payment for Tommy Flayton's review appear in mailbox when it should. * Added zoom sway effect to SWAT sniper rifle, and adjusted its base damage * Restored Cabbie's alternative greetings. * Changed conditions and text for Mercurio's "Repaid Favors" email * Fixed some subtitles in Heather's dialogue * Fixed the huntersDead[]array in all main city hubs - hunters should now spawn correctly when a player violates the Masquerade too many times. * Removed duplicate $ignorez lines from money envelope inventory images * Moved Beckett's downtown spawn point to (hopefully) fix the infamous Beckett wait bug. * Fixed some subtitles in Jack's tutorial dialogue. * Additional Malkavian dialogue restored whenever it was absolutely necessary. * Several missing textures have been restored with custom-made creations by Tessera. * Several texture "stamps" have been added to certain graphics in the game, as a means of positively identifying our patch from any mods made by others. These stamps are *very* well-hidden, so have fun trying to find them all. ;)

———————————— ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: ————————————

Acrimonious: Python script editing, fixes to coding errors, dialogue errors, item repairs and all of the required map repairs/restorations/alterations.

Tessera: Creative (RP) oversight, dialogue coach, additional Malkavian dialogue, special custom texture repairs/restorations, continuity oversight and also the promotion/hosting of the True VTMB Patch series.

Special thanks to our volunteer 5.04AT beta testers:

Alehezar Arandie Erelas Jordi Paramecium Tinman

———————————— OFFICIAL SUPPORT WEBSITE: ———————————— (adults only, please)

True VTMB Patch version 5.04AT Release date: September 29, 2007



    Oh man, this was such a great game.. even with all the bugs. It's amazing the community is still patching it.
    I'd really love to see something like this spruced up and re-released. Xbox Live Arcade maybe?

    I really want to play this game.. but all crying about bugs on release turned me off. I might consider it now if fans think it's good enough to make unofficial patches.

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