Video Games Fix Weak Woman Brains

130-322~Lucille-Ball-Posters.jpgWe've long heard that, scientifically speaking, woman are not as good as men at tasks like mathematics. And while my wife, who is incidentally both a psychologist and smarter than me, may disagree with such assertions (or may not), one University of Toronto study has found that video games may give women a leg up in spatial task processing, thereby potentially closing the gap on topics like geometry (...or even driving?).

Our second experiment showed that both men and women can improve their spatial skills by playing a video game and that the women catch up to the men...

Moreover, the improved performance of both sexes was maintained when we assessed them again after five months... Clearly, something dramatic is happening in the brain when we see marked improvements in spatial skills after only 10 hours of game playing and these improvements are maintained for many months.

Men, with the advent of vibrators and now this, our species is clearly doomed to a slavery caste where a penis-wearers sole task is stoking the fires that power highly advanced shoe production machinery.

Action Games Improve Women's Spatial Abilities, Says New Study [gamepolitics]


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