Video Games Live to Debut New Tracks in LA

video-games-live.jpgVideo Games Live may feature a lot of retro tunes, but the concerts change with current trends, too. That's why their next concert in LA will feature music from Halo 3, BioShock and... wait for it... it's really worth it... we promise... Conan. The international blockbuster and cultural phenomenon. Conan. We're... thrilled.

New arrangements of Contra, Chrono Cross, Pac-Man, Tetris and Final Fantasy will debut as well. And apparently there is a whole new Blizzard segment for The Burning Crusade and Starcraft II. But we're actually a bit less excited about VGL for the music than the post show meetup. 20 video game composers and designers will be present, including Atari man Noah Bushnell, Tron special effects man Richard Taylor and Intellivision president Keith Robinson. That would be a fun group of guys to go drinking with. Don't you think?

We've gotta get some big names at our next party. Not that Tokyo wasn't a lot of fun. I'd just love to hear Bushnell's stories about trippy midday hot tub sex at the office.

Video Games Live announces new music for LA Live show [via Gaming Today]


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