Violent Games Get Different Comparisons

manhunt2nyt.jpg Over at The New York Times, Seth Schiesel has a great thought piece up. Not sure if it's intended to be a thought piece — it goes over the Manhunt 2 brouhaha and has a few quotes from Rockstar on it. That's not what makes the piece interesting. This is:

Just look at coverage of Halo, the top-selling science-fiction series that is akin to "Star Wars" in its level of made-up mayhem. In the mainstream media Halo is often described as a "violent space epic" or a "violent shoot-'em-up game." But when was the last time "Star Wars" was described as George Lucas's "violent space movie"? For that matter, when was the last time anyone referred to "The Sopranos" as a "shoot-'em-up television show," which at some level it was?

The answer to both questions is basically never, and that is because American culture has become so inured to violence in linear media that even the most heinous depictions of brutality go almost without comment.

So true, and for gamers, so sad. Under Glare of Scruntiny [NY Times]


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