Vote for Your Favorite Bandaged Kotakuite

dementiumthewardlogo.jpg Holy crap! We got some good entries in our Dementium bandage contest. Tons of brave folks were more than willing to cover themselves in TP, band-aids, w/e to enter this contest. For that, respect and much love! We've picked our top ten finalists. Now, it's up to you Kotakuland to pick the winner. In the comments section, vote for ONE finalist that you like. Just one, not more than that. Voting ends at midnight, tonight. Congrats to the finalists! Finalist #1 neo_deusentry.jpg Neo_Dues writes:

This is me wrapped up in toilet paper, cosplaying as....a bride? Yes, that is a wedding dress, and yes, I did make it myself. You'll find it's fairly difficult to wrap toilet paper around your own (pale) torso. That's why I had to stop sorta halfway through. However, I was sure to cover the nipples. 'Cause, you know, a wedding dress that doesn't conceal nipples isn't a very good wedding dress...

Finalist #2 bikepaper.jpg Albert writes:

I was walking home from a hard days work when I saw a flash of white coming towards me. Luckily I had just enough time to hit the shutter button. What a fake this guy is. As you can clearly see he doesn't really need t.p to cover up. I think he's got a fetish for toilet paper.

Finalist #3 angelentry.jpg Angel writes:

Well, only thing I can say is my girlfriend said she'd kill me if I ruined another pair of her scrubs... which in this case I didn't. However, does anyone know how to get food coloring out of skin?

Finalist #4 paulentry.jpg Paul writes:

I decided to do this because there was only one hour left, and nobody had used band-aids, despite the fact that it was a bandage contest. I figured that somebody had to do something outside of toilet paper, so I found a box of band-aids, and covered my face in them.

Finalist #5 kyleentry.jpg Kyle writes:

Mummy Link may seem like an odd idea, but I just can't imagine a better way to wrap yourself up. I suppose this is what happens when Link is caught by a Gibdos (the mummies in the Legend of Zelda games).

Finalist #6 stephanieentry.jpg Stephanie writes:

I am not only playing for a chance at the DS Game -Dementium: The Ward. I am playing for INTERNET FAME! Even though the came looks pretty awesome!!

Finalist #7 lliaentry.jpg llia wrote:

I believe the total cost of materials is less than $1 - just a little bit more than a roll of Zewa toilet paper, some glue + crafty handiwork of my wife, since wrapping YOURSELF in TP is a feat I haven't yet mastered.

Finalist #8 andrewentry.jpg Andrew wrote:

I love that movie so I just had to do it.

Finalist #9 zillaentry.jpg GeeQzilla writes:

I thought to myself, if I unroll 24 rolls of TP on myself, and lose the contest, I have to buy the game AND more toilet paper. So I figured this way not only will I be one of a kind, but I'll be able to actually use the stuff later too. Heh.

Of course, 2 of them are half useless after I walked into my ceiling fan.

Finalist #10 danielentry.jpg Daniel writes:

Errrm, I was reading about the bandage cosplay thing just before I left work and so dropped in at the local supermarket on the way home to pick up cheap toilet paper, mince meat, tomato sauce, whole "somethings" out of a cow (I just pointed at the butchers display of tasty animal product pieces)...


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