Wanna Play All of Mario Galaxy Before Release? Here's How.

These clips come from reader Matthew. Hate him. They show him playing through Super Mario Galaxy two weeks before the game is released in North America. Matthew writes:

This is me playing the full game of super mario galaxy on wii 2 weeks of it's release date, I'm playing it at my local gamecrazy and they got a shipment of just the game, nothing else but the game in a zip lock bag. I plan on beating the game before the game actually releases.

As another tipster, VideoGamerJ, pointed out, Nintendo sent the full game to GameStop and GameCrazy retailers like the company did with Metroid. So we take that back: Don't hate reader Matthew. Rather, thank him for the heads up, because you too can play the full version of Super Mario Galaxy weeks before it goes on sale. Run, don't walk, to your nearest game retailer and start hogging that Wii kiosk. You've got a game to beat, dammit!

More clips after the jump.


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