Wants Honesty, Your Love

gentlejaffepic.jpg Love him or hate him, God of War creator David Jaffe speaks his mind — something that often gets him into trouble. Not only that, but as he's shown in the past, Jaffe is not afraid to take his critics head on, fighting their venom with his own. But those insults probably don't bother Jaffe, right? He's a tough guy, huh? Those insults do apparently sting as Jaffe says:

Sure, I care what people think. I'd love it if I could find a way to be honest and truthful and not give people the PR spin and at the same time be as liked as Miyamoto and CliffyB. I'd love that. That would be awesome to have people who don't take swipes at me every five fucking sentences I say. But I'd rather be honest than give you a bunch of PR bullshit because that stuff makes me physically ill.

The perfect balance? Make amazing games and speak your mind. Jaffe Interview [Level Up]


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