Warhawk Creates Living Banhammers

arbiter.JPG Warhawk's 1.1 patch is hitting by the end of the month and along with it a new form of in-game judge and jury: The Arbiters.

First the patch info though, 1.1 looks to be mostly about dealing with ping issues, stability and stat problems. Hit the jump for all of the mumbo-jumbo. What I really find interesting is Warhawk's advent of the arbiter. The Warhawk arbiters are members of the online services groups in the US and Europe who will be keeping an eye on the leader boards, community stats and in-games, all undercover.

Essentially these men and women will be on the hunt for griefers and cheaters and will be armed with the ability to warn players or "call a player out to prove his or her skills." Their Judge Dredd like judgment can take the form of an email warning, forum post, a kick from a game, a full stat cleansing or banning. Pretty interesting idea for an online shooter I think, typically this is more something you see with MMOs.

Warhawk v1.1 Patch and Arbiters [Playstation Blog] Server-side updates * Stat database stability improvements * Improved server stability * Max Clan limit changed from 32 to 64 * Viral Rank-up bug fixed and correct for players that were accidentally ranked up. * "Time-in-Vehicle" Stats fixed so certain awards can now be granted properly.

Client-side updates for Patch v1.1 * Stat connection, fetch/post fixes * Significantly improved client connection stability * Quad "????" Ping display bug fixed. * Added support for Player-Ranked Servers. * Game synchronization fixes due to fluctuating network conditions (packet-drop). * Crash fixes for end of game and split screen.


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